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Better Health. Powered by Information.

Connect Care Newsletter - March 23, 2018


Alberta Health Services (AHS) is continuing to take important steps in making Connect Care a reality in Alberta. But we cannot do it without you. Twice a month, we will keep you informed with the latest news and happenings related to this important project.

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest Connect Care Update:


Connect Care Direction Setting


AHS staff, physicians, patient advisors and volunteers from across the province gathered in Edmonton March 13 - 15 for the second of three Connect Care Direction Setting sessions. During these sessions, participants contributed to the design of the provincial clinical information system, to help ensure Connect Care reflects the needs and aspirations of healthcare professionals and patients.

The first Direction Setting session occurred on Feb. 13, 2018 and marked the launch of Connect Care with a kickoff event for approximately 2,400 AHS physicians, clinicians and staff from across the province. The kickoff event also included a presentation and demonstration by Epic systems. Watch it here:

  • Part 1: (wmv | mp4) – Opening remarks by AHS Chief Medical Officer Dr. Francois Belanger, CEO Dr. Verna Yiu, Deputy Minister Milton Sussman and patient advisor.
  • Part 2: (wmv | mp4) – Connect Care ‘Big Video,’ Epic presentation and demo
  • Part 3: (wmv | mp4) – Epic presentation and demo (continued)

To learn more about Connect Care, how to get involved and the outcomes of these sessions, visit the AHS website or Insite.


Resources for Health Professionals


Do you want to learn more about Connect Care and what it will mean for you and the care you provide? Do you want the latest project updates? Connect Care has new online resources available including timelines, an activities calendar, Infographics, and ways to get involved. To view them, visit the Connect Care website and click Health Professionals.


Provincial Clinical Guidance Available Online


Healthcare providers can find the latest AHS clinical guidance and standards by searching ‘Clinical Knowledge Viewer’ on Insite. Drawing on the work of Strategic Clinical Networks, Clinical Knowledge & Content Management (CKCM) and other sources, clinical guidance helps health professionals provide the best possible care.

The viewer includes summaries of new and updated guidelines, standards, pathways and other decision supports (see CKCM Release Notice R4 on Insite).

The CKCM team helps gather evidence-based clinical guidance, which will be included in the clinical information system (CIS) now being built for Connect Care. This way, best healthcare practice and workflows will be incorporated into Connect Care. CKCM works closely with clinical operations, Strategic Clinical Networks, provincial clinical services and content experts across Alberta so that healthcare professionals help one another to improve care.

Over the past three months alone, the CKCM team has engaged with 1,235 clinicians, 480 physicians and 117 clinical working groups to develop provincial clinical guidance for AHS settings.

Want more information? Visit the Clinical Knowledge Viewer on Insite.

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