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Better Health. Powered by Information.

Connect Care Newsletter - April 6, 2018


With the help of a common clinical information system for the entire province, Connect Care will create a seamless health information network that you can use with speed, ease and confidence. You will be able to record and share patient information to support high quality care. Want to learn more? Visit the Connect Care webpage. Questions? Read the FAQ.

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest Connect Care Update:


Charting Our Course


AHS staff, physicians, patient advisors and volunteers from across the province and representing a wide range of program areas gathered in Edmonton March 13 - 15 for the second of three Connect Care Direction Setting sessions. These sessions are important milestones where participants contribute to workflow and content design, including what Connect Care will include and how it will support patient care.

The third Direction Setting session will take place in Calgary April 10 – 12 at the Calgary BMO Centre. Detailed session and logistics information will be sent directly to participants.

After the April sessions, there will be a short pause for participants as the Connect Care team works to implement all that has been decided. April is also when Clinical System Design ramps up through Connect Care Area Councils. Once initial configuration steps are complete, a series of Validation & Adoption sessions follow starting in June, when we verify that decisions made have set us on the correct path. Visit Insite for a summary of input gathered in the March Direction Setting 2 session.


Introducing Connect Care Notables


AHS is committed to being transparent and as Connect Care moves ahead, we want to share what and how decisions are being made at the Connect Care Executive Committee (CCEC). At the Connect Care Notables blog, you can now find the latest decisions and updates regarding this important project. You can also leave comments or questions. Visit Connect Care Notables on Insite to learn more.


Clinical Knowledge Topics


In early March, Clinical Knowledge & Content Management (CKCM) released a new clinical knowledge topic that focuses on early recognition and response to Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). Developed using Canadian and global guidelines, the topic includes aids in decision making, risk assessment tools, clinical decision support and more.

By integrating clinical knowledge topics into Connect Care AHS can increase the consistency and quality of care across Alberta.

AKI is a common and increasingly frequent complication of hospitalization in Canada, occurring in 10-30 per cent of all medical and surgical hospital admissions. Recognized early, AKI can typically be reversed. However, unrecognized it can process resulting in specialized care and longer hospital stays.

The AKI topic was developed by a working group of clinical experts from across the province. This work is supported by CKCM and the Kidney Health Strategical Clinical Network (SCN) as part of the Connect Care Initiative.

To access this and other topics, visit the ‘Clinical Knowledge Viewer’ on Insite or contact for a copy.




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