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Connect Care Newsletter - April 20, 2018


Twice a month, we will bring you the latest news, updates and need-to-know information related to Connect Care. Bringing together fragmented health information systems into one seamless clinical information system for Alberta, Connect Care will improve the way we deliver care and improve patient experience. Want to learn more?

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest Connect Care Update:


Direction Setting 3


More than 1,600 Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff, physicians, patient advisors and volunteers met in Calgary April 10 – 12 for the third Connect Care Direction Setting Session. Attendees made decisions on the design and workflow of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). Thanks to these planning sessions, we can now work to ensure that the system will reflect the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

A special thanks to the 41 Patient and Family Advisors who volunteered their time and participated in the Direction Setting Sessions.

"[I was] extremely impressed with Epic and AHS professionals,” said one Patient Advisor who participated in Direction Setting. “Excellent discussions, great collaboration and passion for system improvement."

Now that participants have made the initial decisions, focus will shift to applying them. During this time, the Clinical System Design will be ramping up through Area Councils and other Connect Care committees. A series of Validation & Adoption Sessions will kick off in June 2018 in Calgary. At these sessions, the participants will see demonstrations of Connect Care system configuration. This will allow participants to verify the decisions made during the Direction Setting Sessions.

Visit Insite for a summary of decisions gathered in previous Direction Setting sessions.


Data Conversion Strategy


A data conversion strategy for Connect Care is in development and the first phase is ready to move forward. This strategy guides how clinical information is transferred from existing AHS clinical information systems (CIS) to the Connect Care CIS. It helps answer questions such as ‘What information will we convert?’ ‘What are the boundaries of the information?’ ‘What systems will the information come from?’ and ‘How the information will be converted?’ The strategy will not include research information, which will be handled separately. Regular updates will be shared as this work evolves.

Going forward, clinical information will be prioritized based on its clinical value and quality. For example, the focus will be on information that will add value to delivery of care and patient experience or operational continuity. It will also be prioritized based on how long conversion will take.

Information that is not integrated into the Connect Care CIS will continue to be available to physicians and staff.


Clinical Knowledge Topics


Clinical Knowledge & Content Management (CKCM) has released a new clinical knowledge topic supporting AHS Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Designations (ACP/GCD). By integrating clinical knowledge topics like this one into Connect Care, AHS can increase the consistency and quality of care across Alberta.

This topic includes adult and pediatric situations to help guide clinical decision-making and provides an overview of the subject including policy, procedures and web-based resources such as

A working group of clinical experts from across Alberta developed this ACP/GCD topic. This work is supported by CKCM and the Provincial Palliative and End of Life Innovations Steering Committee as part of the Connect Care initiative.

To access this and other topics, visit the ‘Clinical Knowledge Viewer’ on Insite or email for a copy.




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