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Connect Care Newsletter - May 4, 2018


Through a common provincial clinical information system (CIS), Connect Care will enable consistent practices across Alberta. Want to learn more? Visit

Here’s what you’ll find in the latest edition of the Connect Care Newsletter:


Mission: Possible


Alberta Health Services (AHS) took another important step toward building a provincial clinical information system (CIS) that will transform the way we deliver care.

Connect Care has successfully achieved all necessary milestones on time, before building the AHS provincial CIS. This includes high-level completion of Scoping, Groundwork, Direction Setting, Technical Training and much of the core Clinical System Design.

Now begins the next phase of our journey, where we rely on our AHS staff who are trained to build and configure the system. At the same time, our committees and councils are moving quickly to decide about CIS clinical content. This includes decision supports, documentation supports and inquiry supports, which will be built and validated over the next 10 months.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to prepare us for the next stage of our Connect Care journey.


Building Your System


We are now entering the build phase of Connect Care and excitement continues to grow. But what exactly is a build?

In the world of software development, a build refers to the construction of software that can be run on a computer or a mobile device. For the past few months, AHS has coordinated many activities to get us to this point. These activities include Scope Setting, Groundwork, Foundation, Direction Setting, Clinical System Design and more.

These terms may be familiar to those who have participated in developing CISs, but for the rest of us, these terms may be unfamiliar.

That’s why Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Dr. Robert Hayward created a short presentation to explain these terms using the metaphor of building a house. You can learn more about how the CIS is being created by viewing the presentation on the Bytes Blog.


Decisions, Decisions


It’s important that Connect Care reflects the needs, aspirations and practices of AHS’ frontline physicians, clinicians and operational staff.

As the design and build process for Connect Care moves forward, it’s critical we have the input of the full range of clinical areas. There are a number of ways that representatives from various clinical areas continue to have input into the evolution of Connect Care.

In the past three Direction Setting Sessions, staff, physicians and volunteers gathered to make decisions about the design and workflow of the Connect Care CIS. Approximately 2,200 decision questions were asked, and participants arrived at responses for 80 per cent of these. Work to validate these decisions will begin in June 2018 with the kickoff of a series of Validation & Adoption Sessions.

Further decisions regarding Connect Care are also made by a series of committees, led by experts and leaders from across the organization. Area Councils representing a variety of clinical areas, including Surgery, Critical Care, Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Imaging, are responsible for decisions that require focused attention from a clinical perspective.

Want to learn more about the 2,000+ decisions made for Connect Care? Visit Insite for more.




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