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Connect Care Newsletter - May 18, 2018


Twice a month, we bring you the latest news, updates and need-to-know information related to Connect Care. Bringing together fragmented health information systems into one seamless clinical information system for Alberta, Connect Care will improve the way we deliver care and improve patient experience. Want to learn more? Visit

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest Connect Care Newsletter:


Next steps for Connect Care


Connect Care is now moving into the Adoption/Validation phase. The first of three Adoption/Validation sessions is set to take place in Calgary in June.

Adoption/Validation sessions are another key step in the design and build of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). At these sessions, participants will review, validate and adopt decisions made earlier this year at the Direction Setting sessions and various Connect Care committees.

This is an opportunity for participants to see demonstrations of Alberta-specific workflows in the early version of the CIS. For the first time, these demonstrations will look more like the CIS we will actually use and help us imagine how Connect Care will support our work. Participants will include a blend of front-line AHS staff, physicians, leaders and patient advisors to ensure that Connect Care meets the needs of all those who will use it.

You can read more about Adoption/Validation on the Bytes Blog.


Keeping Connect Care patient-centred


Healthcare organizations around the world are increasingly recognizing the value of the patient and family voice. Patient and Family Advisor is a formal role that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has integrated into our organization. These advisors are volunteers who work with us to ensure the voices of patients and families are heard. They provide direct input on various AHS initiatives to help improve healthcare services for patients.

Patient and Family Advisors are involved in Connect Care in several ways. Patient and Family Advisors:

  • Participated as evaluators in the vendor selection process.

  • Participated in all three Connect Care Direction Setting sessions earlier this year, and were involved in decisions about how Connect Care will support tasks we perform when providing patient care.

  • Are involved in the governance of Connect Care and belong to the Connect Care Patient & Family Advisory Committee. This committee specifically represents the patient and family perspective from all five zones and makes sure their input is included as we design and build Connect Care.

  • Continue to offer their unique perspective in areas such as chronic disease management, cancer care, patient access and more.

  • Will participate in the Adoption/Validation sessions that start in June.

Patient and Family Advisors provide important insight and perspective. Their ongoing dedication of time, passion and effort continue to add value to this work and to making Connect Care a reality.


Technology for transformation


We are enhancing AHS’ infrastructure and technology to prepare for Connect Care. This includes enhancements to the following:

  • Wireless networks (Wi-Fi): We are working on extending existing Wi-Fi coverage so AHS staff and physicians can wirelessly access the secure AHS network using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or mobile workstations.
  • Provincial data centres: A new data centre was built that provides ample capacity for Epic’s recommended computing and storage equipment.
  • End user devices: We will be deploying end user devices to facilities prior to their respective Connect Care waves. Devices include workstations, barcode scanners, and eSignature tabs. Network and power cabling and wall-mount installations will also be deployed where applicable.
  • Clinical device integration: Work is underway to determine which of AHS’ 140,000+ clinical devices will need to be interfaced with Connect Care. Decisions will be based on vendor recommendations, technical capabilities, funding requirements and patient care needs.

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