Adoption/Validation – Launching the Next Phase of Connect Care, Streamlining Transfusion Medicine in Alberta, Connect Care Overview Training

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Connect Care Newsletter - June 15, 2018


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Here’s what you’ll find in this latest Connect Care Newsletter:


Adoption/Validation – Launching the Next Phase


From June 19-21, 1,800 subject matter experts from across Alberta will be in Calgary for the first of three Adoption/Validation sessions. During the Direction Setting phase, the participants provided input and made decisions to shape the system design in many areas.

During Adoption/Validation they will have an opportunity to see how their ideas have been used to build out the system for Alberta and to view demonstrations of parts of the system. Adoption/Validation is a chance to see the build first hand, approve what works and request changes where required.

Stay tuned for a recap in the next issue of the Connect Care newsletter.


Streamlining Transfusion Medicine in Alberta


As part of Connect Care, Alberta Health Services (AHS) will use a new Transfusion Medicine Information System, which will transform how we manage transfusion services. Because Epic, our clinical information system (CIS) vendor does not currently have a Transfusion Medicine Module, Mediware’s Hemocare Lifeline Transfusion (HCLL™) was chosen as the successful blood bank / transfusion application. Mediware has extensive experience integrating its system with Epic software.

AHS currently has three different transfusion medicine information systems in use across the province and a paper-based system. With one common system, we can better integrate transfusion services into the Connect Care CIS.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced communication between the blood bank and patient bedside, including the ability to view patient information and blood component order status from either system.
  • More than 60 unique safety checks to validate information as it is entered.
  • Real-time inventory monitoring with color coded dashboards.
  • Advanced reporting of use, patient history and inventory management with the ability to search by module, workflow and facility.
  • Streamlined upgrades (no clients to update), real-time information sharing across the province, and anytime/anywhere access where appropriate.
  • A browser-based system accessible from anywhere a clinician can log into their AHS account.

The new system will follow the Connect Care implementation timeline with a few exceptions. However, these plans are still in development. More information will be shared as it becomes available. For future updates, keep an eye on this newsletter and the Connect Care Insite page.


Connect Care Overview Training


Overview training offers an introduction to the Connect Care CIS and how it supports best possible practice. Approximately 120 clinicians involved in clinical system design attended the training held in Edmonton in late May and Calgary in early June. The trainees included physicians, operational leaders, and members of Area Councils, the Clinical Knowledge and Content Management (CKCM) and Connect Care project teams.

The one-day curriculum gave participants hands-on exposure to Epic systems, overall CIS architecture, and how documentation, order entry, communications and handoffs work. This training was invaluable for clinicians participating in Connect Care Area Councils, clinical system design, validation and adoption activities.

Information about future training opportunities will be communicated by leadership when it is available.




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