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Connect Care Newsletter - June 29, 2018


Twice a month we bring you the latest news, updates and need-to-know information related to Connect Care. Bringing together fragmented health information systems into one seamless clinical information system for Alberta, Connect Care will improve the way we deliver care and improve patient experience. Want to learn more? www.ahs.ca/connectcare.

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Hearing from you


Designing, building and implementing Connect Care is a collaborative process that involves us all. It’s important to make your voices heard.

Last week nearly 1,800 participants gathered in Calgary for the first of three sessions in Connect Care's Adoption/Validation phase. Together they reviewed work done to date, and were able to provide feedback.

You can watch a video of the kickoff event here or read a summary on the Bytes Blog.

Coming up on July 11, you are invited to join us for the first of our quarterly Telehealth Town Halls dedicated to Connect Care. This is an opportunity to hear about Connect Care and participate in a live question and answer session with hosts Sean Chilton, Vice President of Health Professions & Practice, and Dr. Francois Belanger, Vice President, Quality and Chief Medical Officer.

There will be two sessions: one from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. for the North Sector, and another from 2-3 p.m. for the South Sector. Watch your inbox and Insite for details on how to join from your location.


Connect Care data conversion


As part of Connect Care, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is in the process of bringing (or “converting”) data from current computer systems into the new Connect Care provincial clinical information system (CIS). This work ensures that Connect Care users will have the information they need for decision making and patient care.

In early 2018, the Connect Care conversion team reached out to clinicians, leaders and technical experts across Alberta to get input about the amount and kind of information that needs to be available in Connect Care. This input helped form the groundwork and scoping recommendations for data conversion. The Connect Care Executive Committee recently approved these recommendations.

The systems that are in scope for conversion to Connect Care have been organized according to the types of information (or "data types") they contain. Currently, at least 14 data types from 30 clinical information systems are in scope for conversion. For most of these systems, historical data will be converted from July 2017 onward. Work is ongoing to ensure that historical data from before July 2017 will be quickly available to clinicians when they need it.

Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information about Connect Care data conversion.


Working together in a new way


Connect Care is already bringing us together in brand new ways.

Over 250 members of the Connect Care team from AHS and Epic Systems have been working at Enterprise Square, a collaborative working space in Edmonton, as they build the Connect Care CIS.

For Connect Care and Epic, this is a rare opportunity for face-to-face collaboration. Staff have travelled from all over Alberta to take part, and this is the first time AHS has brought this many people together to build a system.

"Epic has such a wealth of knowledge and having them with us is an amazing learning experience," says Jennifer Hesse, who leads one of the teams working at Enterprise Square.

"Our main focus during the time we are together is to work on configuring the application based on the input we have received from clinicians," says Penny Blackwell, another team leader. "The opportunity to be together as a team and to have our Epic Application team with us is invaluable and much appreciated. There has also been the opportunity to collaborate with other teams as we are all in the same space and being able to spontaneously ask and answer questions is really great."

AHS appreciates how hard everyone is working to make this happen. A special thanks to AHS Lab Services for making the space available to the Connect Care team.

Want more information on Connect Care? Visit insite.ahs.ca/connectcare.


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