Training designed for you, How are we doing so far?

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Better Health. Powered by Information.

Connect Care Newsletter - July 13, 2018


Bringing you the latest news and updates about Connect Care every second Friday. Connect Care is an exciting initiative that will improve the way we deliver care and the patient experience by creating a seamless health information network. To learn more, visit

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Training designed for you


Effective training is a must as we get ready to start using the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). That’s why we are working hard to develop role-based training for the estimated 110,000 people who will use the CIS in their jobs every day.
Role-based training uses customized content designed for specific roles and the workflows people in those roles will follow. Learners will understand how to use the system to perform their specific role.

Connect Care training will take a blended learning approach. This means that more than one training method will be used to accommodate various training needs. Connect Care training will use a combination of eLearning, classroom learning, playground (practice) environments and just in time resources.

We are not just creating training for an organization. We are creating training for you.

Want more information on Connect Care training? Keep your eyes on this newsletter and the Connect Care Insite pages for future updates.


How are we doing so far?


The Connect Care initiative is advancing at a rapid pace. Dr. Robert Hayward recently wrote an informative post on his Bytes Blog discussing the great progress being made thanks to participants from across the province representing programs, disciplines, care settings, patients and clinical and operations teams. As Dr. Hayward observes, the inclusive nature of Connect Care is the reason we have been able to achieve so much as we collaborate on a scale never before seen at Alberta Health Services.




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