Adoption/Validation 2 is coming, Technology: Part of the Connect Care story, Enterprise Content Services vendor selected

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Better Health. Powered by Information.

Connect Care Newsletter - August 10, 2018


Bringing you the latest news and updates about Connect Care every second Friday. Connect Care is an exciting initiative that will improve the way we deliver care and the patient experience by creating a seamless health information network. To learn more, check out the Connect Care Leaders’ Toolkit or visit

In this issue:


Adoption/Validation 2 is coming


Over 1500 subject matter experts (SMEs) and participants from across Alberta will be meeting in Edmonton at the Shaw Convention Centre for the second of three Adoption/Validation Sessions.

Earlier this year during the Direction Setting Sessions, participants made thousands of decisions that we have used to build parts of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). Adoption/Validation sessions are an opportunity see how AHS’ configuration of the Epic software is taking shape. This is to make sure we’re on the right track and to discuss what could still be improved.

The second Adoption/Validation Session is a chance for the SMEs to make additional decisions for future system improvements to enhance workflows, and will ultimately improve how the system will be used to support our day-to-day work. From these sessions, a vision will emerge of what Connect Care might look like when it is in place.

The Connect Care senior trainer team will have a booth at Adoption/Validation 2. Trainers will be available to answer questions regarding the general training approach, talk to SMEs about roles or specific concerns, and collect feedback on sample lesson plans and other training material.

Stay tuned for a recap in the next issue of the Connect Care newsletter.


Technology: Part of the Connect Care story


The transformation set to take place through Connect Care demands a stable, reliable technology foundation. Numerous projects and initiatives are underway to meet key technology priorities for Connect Care. Starting in September, Wave 1 facilities will start to be engaged to confirm the types, numbers and locations of non-medical devices they will require for Connect Care.

You can find out more about this and other Connect Care technology projects and initiatives on the new Technology tab on the Connect Care Insite page. This tab includes information on:

• Data centres
• Wireless networks (WiFi)
• Non-medical (end user) devices
• Medical device integration, and
• Additional technology projects and initiatives


Enterprise Content Services vendor selected


Managing all the attachments that relate to patient records across the continuum of care is a huge job for AHS. Epic Systems software, a key component of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) will do most of the leg work. The CIS will need software to help manage documents from non-Epic sources that will be part of a fully integrated health record.

An Enterprise Content Services (ECS) solution helps manage the different attachments in a chart that don’t necessarily fit within Epic. This includes items like paper documents/requisitions, and will allow for the information to be searchable through things like keywords or creation dates. Once Connect Care goes live, the ECS solution will help with tasks like document scanning, categorizing, adding keywords and linking to the right part of a health record. The ECS solution will also combine information from multiple document management systems to optimize workflow, access, management, storage and availability of all the information objects that can arise during the patient’s health journey across the continuum of care.

AHS has now completed an ECS RFP process, selecting Quanum™ Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly known as ChartMaxx), from Quest Diagnostics™. Quest has extensive experience with Epic Systems, and is a 10-time ‘Best in KLAS’ leader in Document Management and Imaging.

This new ECS application will join the CIS fold and support the Connect Care commitment to “one person, one record, one system”. It will be implemented alongside other key CIS deliverables.

Please direct ECS questions to, HIM Business Lead for ECS, or, Project Business Sponsor.




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