Looking for super users, Sequencing update, Celebrating the Wave 1 launch, Announcing Playbook Chapter 2

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Connect Care Newsletter - January 18, 2019


Happy New Year from the Connect Care team. Are you interested in becoming involved with Connect Care? Read our first edition of 2019 to find out what it takes to be a super user. We also have the latest updates on sequencing, the Connect Care Readiness Playbook and more.

In this issue:


Looking for super users


With only 10 months to go until the Connect Care Wave 1 launch, it is time to think about identifying super users. Next month, Connect Care will start recruiting existing physicians and staff from all Wave 1 units, departments, areas and locations to support their colleagues in the transition to Connect Care.

Super users are existing physicians and staff members who help their colleagues as AHS and its partners transition to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). They are vital to the success of Connect Care.

Are you interested in becoming a super user? Visit Insite for more information.

Sequencing update


Refinement of the Connect Care wave-based implementation timeline continues to evolve. Last month, site-level details for Waves 1-6 became available on the Sequencing portal. After connecting to the AHS network, you can view these changes in the following ways:

  • Timeline View is a PDF of the December 2018 release of the Connect Care Implementation Timeline and includes a dedicated page for each wave from 1 to 6. You can also find this document on Insite.
  • Geographic View is a Tableau dashboard showing site-level details for Waves 1 to 6 across the province. You can filter the information by zone, city, location, wave and rationale. You can also view which departments in a specific location are going live in each wave.
  • Detail View is a SharePoint page for each wave from 1 to 6. This view shows more information for each location along with the department-level details known at this time.

These tools are valuable for teams engaged in Connect Care transition and implementation planning activities. Further updates will be published on the Sequencing portal in the coming months, so check back often. Questions and feedback can be sent to connectcare.architecture@ahs.ca.


Celebrating the Wave 1 launch


2019 marks the start of a busy year as we prepare to launch Connect Care at Wave 1 sites this November. On Thursday, January 17, staff and physicians were invited to celebrate and learn more at the Walter C Mackenzie Campus.

An all-day trade show provided a chance to learn more about different aspects of the Connect Care system, topics like training and readiness, and a chance to check out some devices and tools. A lunchtime celebration included a special message from Dr. Yiu and site leaders, as well as some entertaining surprises.

Check out Insite over the next week for more details about the kickoff event and how it is being marked at other Wave 1 sites. Planning is already in the works for Wave 2 sites.


Announcing Playbook Chapter 2


We are pleased to announce that Wave 1, Chapter 2 of the Connect Care Readiness Playbook has been released and is available for download on Insite.

The Readiness Playbook is a resource for leaders and physicians to help them understand what information and actions are needed to get themselves and their teams ready for Connect Care. Chapter 2, Clinical Operations and Corporate Readiness, is designed to build on foundational understanding from Chapter 1 released last fall, provide more details about how our work will change, and emphasize why the excitement is building for this transformation.

Not a part of the Wave 1 launch? Chapters for future waves will also be published approximately one year before their launch date. Check back on the Readiness Insite page often. Email playbook@ahs.ca for more information.


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