Celebrating Connect Care, Looking for trainers, An innovative approach to nursing documentation

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Better Health. Powered by Information.

Connect Care Newsletter - February 1, 2019


In this week’s newsletter you’ll find videos from the Wave 1 launch, the latest on trainer recruitment and how clinical documentation is being standardized in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS).

In this issue:


Celebrating Connect Care


In our last issue, we shared news of the successful Wave 1 launch in the Edmonton Zone on Jan. 17 at the Walter C. Mackenzie campus. The event included an all-day trade show with details about different aspects of Connect Care, and a lunchtime celebration with a special message from Dr. Yiu and site leaders.

Later in the day, a special session explored physician fears and hopes through presentations and panel discussion. Recordings of the physician presentations are available on the Connect Care Bytes Blog. You can also check out Insite for a quick video overview of the day and a recording of the entire lunchtime session.


Looking for trainers


Training is a major endeavour in implementing Connect Care and touches every person who will be accessing the system. To provide the best training, a pool of knowledgeable, capable trainers is vital. We are recruiting and preparing those individuals through the Credentialed Trainer and Area Physician Trainer programs.

There are many benefits to becoming a Credentialed or Area Physician Trainer including:

  • Becoming an expert in Connect Care and playing a key role in transforming healthcare in Alberta
  • Developing your career
  • Expanding your knowledge and practice in adult education and facilitation
  • Developing connections with colleagues across the province and in many care domains

Are you interested in becoming a Credentialed Trainer? Visit Insite to find out what it takes. These positions will be posted on e-People in the next few weeks. Email ConnectCareTrainers@ahs.ca if you have questions.

Are you interested in becoming an Area Physician Trainer? Read Looking for Physician Area Trainers and How will Physicians be Trained for Connect Care for more information. Email MIP@ahs.ca if you have questions.



Innovative approach to nursing documentation


AHS has taken an innovative approach to defining nursing documentation in the Connect Care CIS. We are combining the Canadian Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (C­HOBIC) framework with the CIS to develop common documentation methods that will help us provide better patient care.

This approach:

  • Establishes common documentation methods
  • Enables the collection of standardized clinical measures and data
  • Supports analysis of clinical practice and provides information
  • Supports better patient care and improved health outcomes

Additionally, other documentation tools including Nursing Handover, Patient Story, After Visit Summary reports, discharge summaries and shared documentation, assist the review of care provided in different care settings and promote care planning. Email ckcm@ahs.ca if you have questions.


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