Connect Care introduces barcoding technology, Upcoming readiness events

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Connect Care Newsletter - June 21, 2019


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Connect Care introduces barcoding technology


At Alberta Health Services, we are committed to providing safe and quality patient care across Alberta. That’s why, as a part of Connect Care, we are adding barcodes to medications supplied by AHS pharmacies.

We are introducing new automated medication barcode processes and workflows, starting with our Wave 1 sites in November. These will help care providers ensure the right patient gets the right medication and the right dose at the right time.

To support these new processes, a unique identifier will appear on the label of all medications from AHS pharmacies. When administering a medication, providers scan the patient’s wristband, then the barcode on the medication. Extra safety checks and the medication administration information will be electronically captured and verified, decreasing the risk for error and increasing our patients’ confidence in their medications and providers.

For more information on medication barcode administration, read Medication Barcoding Frequently Asked Questions on Insite (AHS login required).

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Upcoming readiness events


In the run up to launch in each Connect Care wave, we will hold a series of events to help us prepare. Some of these events are behind-the-scenes reviews to help make sure our systems are ready. Others are designed to help staff and physicians learn more about the changes ahead. This month, Wave 1 will have two such events.

Next week the Connect Care program team is hosting a launch readiness assessment (LRA). This assessment, held 120 days from the Wave 1 launch, leads a series of formal assessments to be held 90 days, 60 days and 30 days prior to launch. These assessments will serve as a checkpoint to ensure we are on track for a successful launch in November. Participants from across the province will meet to review each stream of work for their current state of readiness, identify potential risks and share ideas on how to mitigate those risks.

Also next week on June 26, representatives from different Wave 1 and Wave 3 sites have been invited to attend the Workflow Walkthrough event. A separate event for Wave 2 representatives is in the works and will be announced soon. These events are an opportunity to preview how select common and high-risk workflows will work in the Connect Care system. Check out our next issue for a recap.

To learn more about readiness activities, visit the Connect Care Readiness page on Insite (AHS login required).




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