Sharing our Connect Care successes, Patient chosen to launch Connect Care, Patient takes charge of own care, Cardiac device nurse’s Connect Care success

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Better health. Powered by information.

Connect Care Newsletter - November 22, 2019


Connect Care News brings you a look at highlights and updates from the Connect Care program. To learn more, visit the Connect Care Insite page or the AHS website.

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Sharing our Connect Care successes


It is hard to believe that it has been almost three weeks since the Connect Care Wave 1 Launch, but here we are! So many people spent a lot of time to make this happen and we are thankful for them all. Here are a few successes we have experienced in the past three weeks:

  • We launched Wave 1 successfully and on time!
  • Our support teams have now closed over 18,000 tickets. We have nearly three times more tickets closed than open.
  • More than 2,000 patients have signed up for MyAHS Connect.
  • Over 2,000 physician mobile devices successfully installed and actively used Connect Care mobile applications in the first week post launch. About 1/5 of all Connect Care connections happen through mobile apps.
  • We are seeing great uptake on the research functionality within Connect Care. There are close to 3,000 patients enrolled in over 200 studies identified in Connect Care.

Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work, your support and for caring so much about patient care. Without you, this would not be possible.


Patient chosen to launch Connect Care


As Alberta Health Services staff gathered to officially launch Wave 1 of Connect Care in Edmonton, the person leading the final countdown was neither a healthcare provider nor an administrator. That honour fell to a patient.

Ryan Magnussen has used Alberta’s healthcare system hundreds of times since a debilitating spinal condition forced him to retire 15 years ago. For the past six years, the 57-year-old Calgary man has shared his patient experiences and perspectives as one of 80 patient advisors embedded in all levels of planning and design work for Connect Care.

See the video here: Connect Care Patient Stories


Patient takes charge of own care


Lorraine Wigston feels in charge of her health – and she credits MyAHS Connect. The 58-year-old Edmonton woman has multiple medical conditions that require regular blood tests, and she sees results through the MyAHS Connect app.

“Having that access (to health information) makes me feel like I have control,” she says.

Last year, she noticed something was wrong when she reviewed results of her latest blood test. She went straight to hospital. “It may have saved my life.”

Read Lorraine’s story here: Access to health information makes patient ‘feel powerful’


Cardiac device nurse’s Connect Care success


When Registered Nurse James Morton tells you he loves his job, he’s speaking both from the heart and about the heart.

Morton, as clinical lead and assistant head nurse for the Cardiac Device Clinic at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre (RDRHC), finds it immensely fulfilling to see his heart patients leave the hospital with a new lease on life.

But his passion for patient care goes far beyond the bedside. Morton and the Connect Care team worked to develop a cardiac device information system that interfaces seamlessly with the Epic system and is considered a “significant” contribution to the Connect Care platform.

Read the full story on Insite




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