One month of Connect Care, Getting ready for a digital healthcare world, Meet our Connect Care Champions

Connect Care: Better Health. Powered by Information.
Better health. Powered by information.

Connect Care Newsletter - December 6, 2019


Connect Care News brings you a look at highlights and updates from the Connect Care program. To learn more, visit Connect Care on Insite or the AHS website.

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One month of Connect Care


It has been one month since the Wave 1 launch, and we are incredibly thankful for our amazing teams. Our biggest success is the teamwork and collaboration happening across AHS to solve challenges and to support each other.

We’ve taken some time to talk to several staff, physicians and patients involved in Wave 1 about what this month-long experience has meant to them. Visit Insite to view the video along with a special message from Dr. Verna Yiu.


Getting ready for a digital healthcare world


Earlier this year we shared some of the exciting eHealth competence learning modules available on Insite. eHealth competence offers education and training to help you develop your abilities with information technology and digital communications. These resources can also help you become more comfortable with technology before you start training on the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS).

We are pleased to announce that four new eHealth Competence modules have been added on MyLearningLink. A fifth will be added later this month. This means you have eight courses now available to help you get ready for a digital healthcare world.

  • Basic Principles of EMR and EHR
  • Clinical Decision Support – New
  • Data Literacy – Coming soon!
  • Impact of Clinical Documentation
  • Patient and Family Teaching - New
  • Privacy and Security
  • Professional Conduct Using Technology - New
  • Safeguards Using Technology - New

Search ‘eHealth Technologies’ on MyLearningLink to register. They are also available through the CLiC LMS (Covenant Health), TRACCESS LMS (Laboratory Services) and on our Insite page. For physicians, there is also a prescriber-focused eHealth Literacy stream included in the physician training program.

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Meet our Connect Care Champions


Wenda Dottridge
Senior Trainer, Connect Care Billing

Wenda is a senior trainer for Connect Care’s build team, working on Epic Systems’ training materials.

“The vision of the overall Connect Care project is what has driven me from the beginning,” she says.

“I believe strongly that the implementation of Connect Care and getting all Albertans onto that one record is ambitious beyond belief and yet it’s going to drive improved patient care.”

Meet our champions.




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