Love Your Job

Love Your Job

Nicole, Occupational Therapist

“The most rewarding part of my job is having the privilege to work so closely with people, many of whom are at the most vulnerable moments of their lives. When they place their implicit trust in your hands, an amazing responsibility is felt; this responsibility is helping others regain their abilities. These abilities, that most of us take for granted, are the staples that make us who we are. Because of this, I have shared many laughs, tears, and triumphs with patients. I have learned to be a motivator, a force of encouragement, and a shoulder to cry on. It is a gift to get to do what we do every day. These are the motivating forces that keep me alive in this field of work.”

Nicole, Registered Nurse

“Every day I have the opportunity to advocate and make a difference in the health and outcomes of patients and their families. That being said, my job wouldn’t be possible without the help of many others who offer their expertise regarding patients. Nursing staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, dieticians, pharmacists, physicians – patient care requires a team approach, and when that team consists of a number of professionals from varying disciplines, patients are set up for the highest level of success with their recovery. On this team, we’re sharing a common goal: maintaining and improving”

Chris, X-Ray Technologist

“Working for AHS has provided me with diverse opportunities to be part of a dynamic work environment. I’m constantly faced with new challenges – whether its positive interactions with patients, or feedback from my colleagues, I’m constantly motivated to grow as both a professional and as a person every day.”

Hardeep, Nursing Attendant

“The other day, after I had just helped a patient, he told me, ‘You’re the only one who’s listened to me! I’m going to remember you.’ It was the most rewarding feeling! The best part about my job is that I get to make a difference in these patients’ lives. With each interaction that you have with a patient, you are protecting them, advocating for them, supporting them, and encouraging them as they heal and become stronger individuals, both physically and mentally. This makes me want to work harder each day.”

Love Your Job

Donna, Pharmacy Technician

“What amazes me about my job is seeing the resilience of patients in the face of cancer. Whether it’s preparing chemotherapy infusions or dispensing oral medications, patients express gratitude for our services. Each patient has a unique story about how their lives and the lives of their family change after a cancer diagnosis – however, it is not the fragility of the human body that I remember at the end of the day. It’s the strength, perseverance, courage, and kindness of the patients. This realization is what motivates me to do my best at work; to know that my duties play a role in the patients’ recovery or comfort is a humbling experience that has inspired and shaped me.”

Colin, Service Worker

“I started working for AHS as a service worker four years ago – I was enamoured with the immense effort put forth by all the healthcare professionals and volunteers to accommodate the needs of the patients. Four years later, and I’m still impressed with the level of commitment shown to patients and their families. I take a lot of pride in knowing that we are all doing our part in providing the highest level of healthcare. From the people who work behind the scenes to the medical professionals at the front line; we all function as essential members of the healthcare system. It's rewarding work!”

Punit, Nursing Student

“I can honestly say that just about every single one of the patients I have had has warmed my heart in one way or another. Recently, an instance that really stood out for me is when I went up to a patient and asked how he was doing. He told me, ‘You are the first person that has asked me this since I have been here, thank you.’ I feel blessed to be in such a profession where even the slightest gesture can make someone’s day – it makes me love nursing even more.”

Timmy, Occupational Therapist

“I’ve been working with the Stollery Rehab team for almost 4 years; being one of the reasons why our kids feel better and get to go home is one of the most gratifying things about this job and the rehabilitation process. Especially when they come back to visit, and you see how healthy they are, it definitely warms your heart knowing you made a difference to a kid’s life.”