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Connect Care sequencing is about determining the implementation order (wave) for locations/sites and the departments, units, clinics and programs within them. Learn more here.

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Connect Care Sequencing Update – September 2021

Due to the demands and impacts of the rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases across the province, there has been a serious increase in demand for care in acute and critical care settings. AHS leadership has made the decision to temporarily delay upcoming Connect Care launches, including Wave 4 scheduled for November 7, 2021 and Wave 5, planned for May 2022.

Delaying our Connect Care launches helps ensure our staff, physicians and leaders are able to focus on delivering care to patients who need acute and critical care at this time.

We are currently assessing the situation in order to determine our new wave rollout plan. Firm dates for subsequent launches will be communicated once we know more. Connect Care continues to be one of our highest organizational priorities and is not being cancelled.

  • Workflow Walkthrough (combined with Wave 4) – complete
  • Patient Movement Readiness Series December 14, 2020 – complete
  • Shadow Charting – complete
  • Workflow Dress Rehearsal – complete
  • CMIO Practice Charting – complete


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