EMS in the North Zone

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EMS: Saving Lives, Improving Care

EMS activity in the North Zone:

  • Paramedics are assisting with patient care in rural health facilities, including Rainbow Lake, when not responding to calls.
  • Borderless’ dispatch allows EMS resources to be called in from neighbouring communities when required and also ensures the closest ambulance is sent to emergency calls. Previously, ambulances were restricted as to where they could respond based on municipal borders.
  • The Community Health and Pre-Hospital Support Program (CHAPS) has been rolled out across the province. Paramedics are able to refer patients to Home Care and other community services that help these patients remain safe in their home and reduce their need for EMS transport to emergency departments.
  • Medical protocols have been established to ensure all patients, wherever they are in the province, receive the same level of care.

EMS Wait Time Reporting

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