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Our Mission

To engage in research to advance knowledge and contribute to rehabilitation practice in the community at large.

Our Vision

Research has been an integral part of the Glenrose since it was established in 1964. As the largest free-standing rehabilitation facility in Canada, the Glenrose has long been a model for rehabilitation for all age groups and a leader in health care for older adults. Our focus has been to continually improve our programs and services. This is accomplished through the support of physicians and staff, through community, academic and industry partnerships, and very importantly through research.

Our vision for the future is built on research, continually examining how well we are doing compared with what is possible. We strive to offer the best quality of life to children, adults and seniors with rehabilitation needs. At the heart of our research are widening and deepening relationships with community groups, academic researchers, clinicians and industry partners. Ongoing research will increase our clinical knowledge and the resulting practices will improve outcomes for patients and their families.

The Glenrose Research Department actively promotes, develops and supports researchers by providing:

  • expertise in grant and research proposal writing, statistical methodology, epidemiology, and research design
  • office space and computers where clinicians can conduct research activities
  • protected time for research


Quick Facts

  • Researchers: 246
  • Research Affiliates: 165
  • Students: 16
  • Active Research Studies:  776
  • New Studies Started:  50
  • Partner Agencies:  71
  • Presentations:  120
  • Publications:  78
  • External Grant Funding Received:  $16.9 Million

NOTE: Figures are based on the 2017 calendar year.

* These research activities involve the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital either at local, provincial, national or international health service level or through relevant academic affiliations.