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Patient Safety Alerts & Safer Practice Notices

Health-care providers and leaders need the most up-to-date information available so they can continue to provide high quality, safe care.

Patient Safety Alerts and Safer Practice Notices are developed and issued by AHS as a way to communicate urgent patient safety information to health-care providers.

There are a number of ways to address hazards to patient safety. If AHS staff and medical staff become aware of a patient safety hazard they believe should be considered for a Safer Practice Notice or Patient Safety Alert please contact your zone or provincial patient safety representative as appropriate.

2019 Alerts & Notices

Safer Practice Notice

2018 Alerts & Notices

Safer Practice Notice

2017 Alerts & Notices

2017 Safety Alerts

  • There are no alerts at this time.

2017 Safer Practice Notices

2016 Alerts & Notices

2016 Safety Alerts

2016 Safer Practice Notices

2015 and Older Alerts & Notices

2015 Safer Practice Notices

2014 Safer Practice Notices

Resolved Alerts & Notices
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For more details on archived alerts and notices, please contact


Health care professionals

Canadian Patient Safety Institute Global Patient Safety Alerts

Global Patient Safety Alerts is a web-based resource featuring a comprehensive collection of patient safety alerts, advisories and recommendations for healthcare providers and organizations, contributed by healthcare organizations across the world. AHS is a contributing member of this initiative.

Reporting & Learning System (RLS) for Patient Safety

RLS It is a quick and easy way for healthcare practitioners to voluntarily report Adverse Events, Close Calls and potential Hazards.

There are two ways to submit a report to RLS:

Phone: 1-877-338-3854

Online: Accessed via the AHS intranet, Insite. Visit the Insite homepage and look for the RLS feature box on the left hand side. An AHS Network Account is required to access Insite.