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The Calgary Pelvic Floor Clinic is a specialty clinic that accepts referrals for women with pelvic floor disorders, including pelvic organ prolapse, bladder disorders (including incontinence or retention) and bowel evacuation disorders such as anal incontinence and constipation. A referral is needed to access the clinic.

We are members of the Alberta Referral Directory, a referral resource for healthcare professionals. Referral forms can be faxed to the Pelvic Floor Clinic. Call for more information.

Our multidisciplinary team includes specially trained nurses, a nurse practitioner, a family doctor, physiotherapists and urogynecologists. Our clinic has a strong focus on patient-centered care, based on education for the patient. Patients may be seen by various team members during the course of their treatment at the clinic.

As this is a tertiary care specialty clinic, patients can expect to be discharged back to the care of the referring practitioner following their treatment here.

The physiotherapists cannot accept direct outside referrals for pelvic floor physiotherapy due to resource limitations. The PT focus is treatment for bowel evacuation disorders. This clinic does not accept referrals for male or pediatric patients or for general gynecological concerns.

Patients are encouraged to attend all appointments, including educational, and to be committed to make personal changes to reduce their symptoms. Clinicians will do their best to provide appropriate and excellent care and to offer realistic goals for treatment.

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