Chronic Pain Centre, Calgary

Patient Referral

Physicians can complete the Alberta Referral Directory generic referral form.

They can request that their patient be seen in person, or simply request a telephone consultation with a pain physician or other member of the multidisciplinary team.

Learn about the Alberta Referral Directory, visit

Need Advice?

Teleconsult Service

Book a 15-minute telephone conversation to discuss your patient’s chronic pain management. Use the Path to Care Generic Referral Form.  Refer to Chronic Pain Centre; Fax to 403-209-2954; and Requested Action “Telephone consultation”.

Specialist Link Advice

See  Call a chronic pain nurse practitioner at 403-910-2551 (toll-free 1-844-962-5465). Your call will be returned within one hour; available Mondays-Fridays 8 am – 4 pm.

eReferral Advice

See  Available via your Alberta Netcare login. Add eReferral to your Alberta Netcare homepage, search for your patient, and click on the Create Referral icon in the menu bar. You will receive advice within five calendar days.  For more information view eReferral 101.

Information for Family Physicians, Nurses & Allied Health

Guidelines for Chronic Pain Management

Learning Opportunities