Research Priority Themes

In 2006, a mental health research agenda was established through a roundtable discussion by Alberta stakeholders, including policy-makers, service providers, academics, and consumer groups. The work of this group was then confirmed through a broader on-line provincial consultation. The agenda established four research priority themes:

  • Effectiveness of Mental Health Services and the System – making sure the system works to improve the mental health of all Albertans, and getting care to those who need it
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health – ensuring the mental health of the next generation
  • Addiction and Mental Health in the Workplace – ensuring a prosperous economy by addressing addiction and mental health issues in the workplace
  • Mental Illness and Addictions – addressing the growing problem of this ‘dual diagnosis’ in our society

Cross Cutting Themes

The research agenda also focuses on issues that span across the priority themes. These include:

  • Indigenous and Multicultural Populations
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Knowledge Translation
  • The capacity of information systems to support research