Alberta Vaccine Inventory (AVI) System

Background Information

Alberta’s vaccine inventory is growing rapidly, both in cost and volume, making the need for paperless, effective vaccine tracking critical for reducing vaccine waste, cost-containment, and sustainability. In 2014, Alberta Health (AH) initiated a project in collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop an on-line vaccine inventory management system. The Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS) – Alberta Vaccine Inventory (AVI) System developed by Scientific Technologies Corporations (STC) is designed to provide timely data for efficient and effective vaccine inventory ordering, tracking and management thus reducing vaccine waste and shortages.

The benefits of the on-line ordering system include:

  • Paperless web based vaccine ordering.
  • Effective vaccine tracking which is critical for reducing waste, cost containment and sustainability.
  • The ability for sites to track vaccine orders and determine if they have been approved and/or shipped by the vaccine depot.
  • The ability to place and receive urgent vaccine orders in a timely manner.
  • Reduced workload for staff that order and manage vaccine inventory.

Who Is Expected To Use the System?

As of October 1, 2015, all immunizers ordering provincially funded vaccine through any AHS site must order the vaccine through the AVI system. Private supplies of vaccine for resale that do not fall under the provincial immunization program are not ordered or tracked through the AVI system.

System Requirements

The AVI web-based Vaccine Inventory Management System is supported by:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome v66+

It is recommended that facilities running lower versions develop plans to migrate to newer releases.

To access the AVI system click on the following link:

Initial Registration Process and Updating User/Facility Information

All providers must designate system users who will be responsible to order and receive vaccine (up to 4 staff members per site). To register a new facility for access to the AVI system, complete the New Facility Registration form.

To update facility or user information for facilities that have access to the AVI system, complete the Facility and User Change form.

Questions can be directed to the zone-specific contacts, below.

South Zone
Public Health Nursing Team
Phone: 403-388-6687
Fax 403-380-2893

Calgary Zone
Phone: 1-855-444-2324

Central Zone
Phone: 403-356-6409

Edmonton Zone
Phone: 780-342-0240

North Zone
Phone: 780-723-4421

Phone: 780-513-7568

Training Material

Training videos and Clinic/Facility Guides (Inventory Reconciliation and Placing Receiving Orders Guide) are available on the home page of the AVI system. It is expected that all users will view the applicable training video and user guides prior to placing/receiving their first order.