Travelling With Children

It is just as important for children to have a pre-travel assessment as it is for adults. Many illnesses can be more severe in children and these illnesses are more likely to require hospitalization. Your travel health provider will complete a comprehensive risk assessment and health history assessment to outline strategies to keep your child healthy while abroad.

Tips for healthy travel with children

Pregnant Travellers

Pregnant travellers have additional risks when travelling internationally. Because many illnesses are more severe when pregnant and the treatment may be dangerous to the developing fetus, a pre-travel health assessment is a strong recommendation for any pregnant woman. All pregnant women intending to travel internationally should also discuss their travel plans with their primary care provider and/or their specialist.

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Travellers with Medical Conditions

Individuals with medical conditions should discuss their travel plans with their primary care provider and/or specialist to ensure they are fit to travel.

They should also consult Travel Health Services for disease prevention recommendations.

Travelling to Visit Family and Friends

Most Canadians travel internationally for the purpose of leisure, business or to visit friends and family. Although each of these reasons for international travel present unique risks for travel related illnesses, those visiting friends and family are at increased risk of illness. Children who are visiting friends and family abroad are of particular concern as they are more likely to become ill and require hospitalization than other travellers. A pretravel health assessment is a strong recommendation.

Travellers planning on visiting family and friends abroad

Receiving Medical Care in Other Countries

When travelling internationally, there is an increased risk of illness and injury. Although some health concerns can be managed by the traveller without seeking medial care, travellers should be prepared to access medical care abroad if required. Some Canadians travel for the purpose of receiving medical care abroad. The standards on quality, safety and hygiene may differ substantially from Canada and it is important for travellers to have a pre-travel health consultation and have a plan before departure.

Receiving medical care in other countries

Travelling with a Medical Device

Travellers with medical devices should plan ahead before international travel as there may be restrictions to transporting medical devices or medications to other countries (without proper documentation). This also includes discussing your travel plans with your primary care provider or specialist and your travel health specialist. If you currently have a poorly controlled medical condition, it may be recommended not to travel to a developing country at this time.

Travelling with a medical device

Older Travellers

Canadian travellers over the age of 60 represent a growing number of international travellers. Older adults may have some additional risks while travelling internationally and a pre-travel health consultation remains an important part of preparing for travel.

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Travelling to Mass Gatherings

Mass gatherings are typically defined as temporary events where large numbers of people come together for the same purpose at the same place and time. These can vary from religious events (such as Hajj) to political, social or athletic events (such as Olympic Games).

Mass gatherings (large-scale events)

Living Abroad

Everything Canadians need to know about working, studying, volunteering or retiring in a foreign country, including before you leave, while living abroad, and coming back to Canada.

Living abroad

Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Travelling on a cruise ship requires careful health and safety planning.

Travelling on a cruise ship

Travelling at Higher Elevations

The human body requires time to adjust and acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness when travlling at elevations above 2500m.

Travelling at higher elevations

Travelling to go Scuba Diving

Water safety abroad, including for those going scuba diving, requires an awareness of and planning for the dangers you might face, as well as different travel insurance coverage.

Scuba diving and water safety