Addiction & Mental Health

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Anyone can be affected by addiction, mental health problems and illness at any stage of life.

Alberta’s Addiction & Mental Health Strategy envisions healthy communities promoting mental wellness, enabled by a comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate Addiction & Mental Health system.

To achieve that vision, the following tools and resources are available for health care providers:

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Provider Education

AMH Suicide Prevention, Risk Assessment and Management (SPRAM) Training Initiative
Consists of seven (7) sequential modules, which include four distinct character profiles, each depicting a client’s journey through a specific practice domain.

Concurrent Disorders Learning Series
Supports the clinical development of our diverse workforce responding to the needs of individuals experiencing concurrent disorders. Academic videos will be added on a continual basis.

Developmental Pathways of Addiction & Mental Health - Health Provider Practice Modules

Consists of 11 web-based interactive e-Learning curriculum modules that are designed to support healthcare providers in their practice with children, youth and their families experiencing Addiction & Mental Health issues. Upon completion of each module the learner will be provided with a certificate of participation for 2 continuing medical education study credits.

Harm Reduction Module for Primary Care
Includes evidence-based strategies for supporting a harm reduction approach within primary care settings.

Provincial Concurrent Capable Learning Series (PCCLS): Foundations
Helps clinicians increase their understanding, confidence, and capability when working with clients with addiction, mental health concerns, or concurrent disorders. This learning series consists of 15 presentations.

Patient Resources