Core Functions

Primary Health Care Integration Network

Core functions of the PHC Integration Network will include:

  1. Actively “broker” connections between PCNs, AHS zones and provincial programs, SCNs and other parties with need, expertise or resources related to care coordination and transitions in care.
  2. Champion innovative solutions that will enhance care coordination and improve transitions in care for Albertans at risk of avoidable hospital admissions and emergency department visits.
  3. Advance initiatives that improve local care coordination starting at the grass roots by providing support resources and partnering with AHS zones and programs, PCNs and SCNs so that all available resources are leveraged and aligned.
  4. Participate in PCN Evolution and other planning activities to ensure that care coordination and transitions in care initiatives are aligned with provincial priorities and Community and Primary Health Care Policy.
  5. Coordinate the reporting of progress and impact of care coordination initiatives across Alberta.