Patient Engagement

Primary Health Care Integration Network

Engaging Albertans in the PHC Integration Network will be essential to embed the core principles of Patient & Family Centred Care into the work of the PHC Integration Network. This will ensure everything we do is shaped by the needs and what matters most to ‘real people’ - Alberta patients, clients, residents, families and caregivers.

Patient/Citizen Engagement Approach

The PHC Integration Network has representation from Albertans within each of the five zones in Alberta, and they are engaged as partners to inform the priorities and to co-develop PHC integration solutions. Additionally, an innovative patient engagement strategy introduces a new model where a lead Patient/Family Advisor serves as a co-chair along with the Integration Network’s Executive Director, Medical Director and Scientific Director. Engaging directly with patients, families and caregivers in the PHC Integration Network will see integration priorities and solutions developed and implemented by the zones and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) that are patient and family-centred.

Patient/Citizen Engagement Opportunities

The PHC Integration Network is seeking patients, families, caregivers and citizens to participate in a variety of volunteer advisor capacities as the work of the PHC Integration Network unfolds. Engagement opportunities will be available virtually and online. Time commitments will vary and will be flexible based on the needs and availability of advisors.

We welcome the involvement of those who:

  • Have experience as a user of healthcare services as a patient, family member or caregiver.
  • Have experience with primary care and community-based providers and services.
  • Have experience navigating transitions of care and services between acute care to primary care, continuing care and/or community-based services.
  • May be managing multiple complex conditions and/or chronic disease.
  • Bring diverse perspectives, ideas and stories of care experiences.

For more information, or to learn more about becoming involved in the PHC Integration Network, please contact: or Volunteer Resources: Toll-Free (855) 347-7616 |

Apply Online

Submit an online volunteer application through AHS Volunteer Resources – Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement in Support of SCNs

Engaging with patients and families helps build understanding and empathy for the people who are using our healthcare system and whose lives are impacted by the decisions we make.

Through the work of the Strategic Clinical NetworksTM (SCNs), the voice of patients is being included in important healthcare decisions. This input will improve the safety and quality of healthcare for all Albertans.