Scientific Office - Research & Innovation

Primary Health Care Integration Network

Scientific Office

Key Function: The key roles of the Scientific Office are to connect people working in, and interested in, primary healthcare, share evidence to support primary healthcare practice and system transformation, and build capacity for primary healthcare research provincially, nationally and internationally.

Vision: The Scientific Office of the PHC Integration Network will provide the best evidence for primary healthcare system transformation in Alberta.

Mission: The Scientific Office of the PHC Integration Network contributes to the transformation of Alberta's primary health care system by supporting evidence-based practice that improves health outcomes for all Albertans.

  • We will foster relationships with key stakeholders and the research community.
  • We will meaningfully engage primary health care providers, the public and the research community to exchange timely, appropriate and relevant information.
  • We will strengthen the primary health care research landscape in Alberta by building research capacity among primary health care providers in Alberta.
  • We will support and facilitate research and knowledge integration in the following areas:
    • Patient experience and satisfaction
    • Provider perspectives and clinical outcomes
    • Health system improvements

Alberta Primary Health Care Research Network

The Alberta Primary Health Care Research Network (APHCRN) is a network of primary care and primary healthcare research networks in Alberta.

Purpose:  Its purpose is to foster cooperation and collaboration and reduce duplication and competition among primary healthcare research networks operating in Alberta. It is an open, inclusive and multidisciplinary network where each component member has its own constitution and purpose, and is responsive to the needs of primary healthcare providers.

Membership: Members are the leads and coordinators of research networks that focus on primary healthcare in Alberta.


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