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Connect Care is changing the way Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides healthcare in Alberta.

Right now, AHS stores health information in hundreds of different systems across the province. This means healthcare providers may only have access to part of your health history. It’s the reason you are sometimes asked to repeat your story again when you see a new care provider.

Connect Care will change that.

With Connect Care, your AHS health records will be stored in a single location. They will be accessible from any AHS location in the province and will move with you through your care journey. Your healthcare team will have a more complete picture of your health history.

Connect Care will also give healthcare providers access to support in making clinical decisions, so they can provide the same high quality care, based on the best possible evidence, everywhere in Alberta.

Secure online access to your information

Connect Care will also give you – the patient – secure online access to your health information.


When will Connect Care be available?

Connect Care will be introduced at AHS and partner sites in nine stages beginning in late 2019.

Timing and details on the Connect Care patient portal is still being confirmed, and we will share regular updates as this information becomes available.

Where will Connect Care be available?

Connect Care will be in place everywhere AHS provides healthcare services and where we partner to provide healthcare services using the AHS record of care.


Patient Stories

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