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Connect Care

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Connect Care and you

Connect Care is changing the way Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides healthcare.

Right now, AHS and its partners store health information in hundreds of different systems across the province. This means healthcare providers may only have access to part of your health history. It’s the reason you are sometimes asked to repeat your story again and again.

Connect Care is a province-wide initiative that will change how patient information flows between patients and their healthcare providers. With Connect Care, your AHS and partner health records will be accessible from any AHS and partner location in the province. Your information will move with you through your care journey, giving your AHS and partner care teams a more complete picture of your health history, as well as consistent clinical information and best practices.

Connect Care is being introduced in phases between November 2019 and late 2022.

Putting your health information into your hands

Coming soon - MyAHS Connect is a new tool to help Alberta patients manage their health and healthcare experience.

MyAHS Connect will become available as Connect Care is launched throughout Alberta between May 2020 and 2022. Some patients in the Edmonton area may opt to have early access to MyAHS Connect in late 2019 after receiving care at a limited number of Connect Care sites.

With MyAHS Connect, you can:

  • View important health information from your Connect Care health record from AHS and partner hospitals, facilities and programs. This includes test results, medications and visit summaries.
  • Communicate securely with members of your AHS and partner care teams, helping you to prepare for or follow up on clinic visits.
  • View past and future appointments with your AHS and partner care teams.
  • Request updates to your Connect Care health record, such as changes to your allergies, medicines or current health problems.
  • Share smartphone and medical device data (Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and Withings-compatible devices) with your AHS and partner care teams.
  • Share images and documents with your AHS and partner care teams.
  • View and pay any fees owing to AHS and partner care providers for things such as crutches and other types of medical equipment.
  • Find out about research studies that may interest you.

MyAHS Connect

MyAHS Connect is available to patients at sites that have started using Connect Care, who are age 14 or over, and who have Alberta-issued identification.