Professional Billing

Connect Care

Connect Care is the new AHS provincial Clinical Information System (CIS) being implemented across Alberta. The foundation of Connect Care is a common clinical information system, which will directly impact everyone who provides patient care within AHS. Physicians working at AHS healthcare centers will use Connect Care to access schedules, patient clinical documentation and financial information such as insurance.

What is Service Code Capture?

Service Code Capture is a function within Connect Care that allows medical staff to go paperless as they document the information they need for billing. This enables physicians to bill more efficiently and protects the privacy of physician and patient information.

Service Code Capture collates patient demographic, date of service information and insurance information into a single, easy-to-read My Billing /WCB Codes report within Connect Care. Physicians can provide this report to a billing service using a secure file transfer protocol or enter it into billing software.

This feature eliminates the need to print patient health information or carry paper records in order to complete billing processes. This significantly reduces the likelihood you will commit a privacy breach or have to redo billing documentation because paper billing records were lost or misplaced.

How Does Service Code Capture Benefit Physicians?

As a physician using Connect Care, you can use the Service Code Capture function to enter Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB) service codes, modifiers, and other billing information as you complete your clinical documentation. You can then use the in-system reporting to generate a digital listing of claim information you can share with your biller, replacing paper-based billing information.

Further, some billing vendors have an interface allowing them to import these reports into their software automatically. If they don't have this functionality but are interested in developing it, we can provide them with the necessary data specifications. If they are unable to develop this functionality, they can still use the report to assist with manual data entry into their software.

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How Does Service Code Capture Benefit Billing Vendors?

As an accredited billing vendor, you may be able to develop an interface which allows you to import Connect Care billing reports directly into your software. This will result in timely billing and SOMB coding based on physician documentation. We can provide you with the data specifications to build this functionality. If your billing software does not enable you to import the data automatically, you can still benefit from using the Service Code Capture to generate a report or data extract which can be helpful with manual data entry into your software.

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