Provincial Family Physician Initiative

The Provincial Family Physician Initiative (PFPI) is a collaboration between Alberta Health Services – Cancer Control and Family Physicians of Alberta. 

Family Physicians play an essential role in cancer care, including identification and management of risk factors, early disease screening, diagnosis, staging, treatment, shared care with cancer specialists, follow-up and monitoring, and advanced disease management including rehabilitation and palliation.  A vibrant and responsive working relationship between oncology and family physicians is essential to quality cancer care and services for all Albertans.  


The work of this Initiative is overseen by a Provincial Steering Committee, established in 2005, which includes representatives from the original founding partners: the Alberta Cancer Board, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, the Alberta College of Family Physicians, Capital Health Region, and Calgary Health Region.  New and emerging partners with representation on the Steering Committee include Primary Care & Chronic Disease Management, Population Health, and family physicians-at-large. 

Goal and Priorities

The goal of the Provincial Family Physician Initiative (PFPI) is to establish and enhance effective strategic and collaborative relationships between family physicians and oncology services across Alberta in providing the population at risk and people living with cancer with current, accessible and responsive information and care.

The Provincial Family Physician Initiative focuses on the following shared priorities:

Phase I (Planning) included six working groups, and  Phase II (Implementation) has three standing committees reflective of the priority areas.  The Access, Communication, and Education Committees along with the Steering Committee provide ongoing advice and support as strategic activities are moved forward.  These committees include broad representation from the family practice and oncology communities of practice and other stakeholders.  Their strategic priorities include:

In addition, communication and information sharing have been established with similar primary care oncology initiatives across Canada, and groundwork has been laid for collaborative work in areas such as website content development and patient care tracking tools.


The Provincial Family Physician Initiative has benefited and continues to benefit from outstanding participation from family physicians across the province, Alberta Health Services oncologists and other specialists, the two Colleges (Alberta College of Family Physicians and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta) and the many other current and emerging partners of the Initiative.