Community Primary Care

The Department of Family Medicine and its Community Leaders work to improve the environment in which family physicians practice and improve the quality of primary health care delivered in the Health Zone.

Our Community Primary Care Section goals are to:

  • Advocate for, develop and implement services which support family physicians and a Medical Home Model of primary care. 
  • Enhance communication among community-based family physicians and develop a better understanding of issues affecting them. 
  • Ensure family physicians’ perspectives are included in the development and implementation of target Alberta Health Services programs and initiatives. 
  • Support family physicians to improve practice and develop both professionally and clinically.
  • Support patient safety in community settings.

Our leadership team values the opportunity to network with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding Family Medicine in Calgary.  

Activities, Services & Programs we provide to improve community family practice

  • Urban Locum Program
  • Active recruitment of physicians to community family practice
  • Support of Office + Plus initiatives (e.g. Hospitalist Program, Obstetrical Program, long-term care etc.)
  • Physician recruitment and support events including “Outstanding Family Physician of the Year” events and Family Medicine Showcase
  • Facilitation of relocation funds for family physicians coming to Calgary
  • Department CME community rounds and acute care rounds at no-cost 
  • Connections to Calgary family medicine through regular relevant communications 
  • Clinics and Services Directory for Family Physicians (updated annually)
  • Family Physician Comparative Lease Calculator tool
  • Coordination of family physician involvement in long-term care and seniors care
  • The connection for family physicians to Alberta Health Services


Community Primary Care Section Chief
Dr. Monica Sargious