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Sleep Centre Residents Rotation

The University of Calgary and Foothills Medical Centre offers 2 months of training in sleep medicine to internal Respirology trainees and will consider applications from trainees in other academic centres whenever possible.

The 2 month rotation provides clinical training in Sleep Medicine and the opportunity to participate in an established research program.

Inquiries from institutions outside the University of Calgary should be directed to:

Dr Andrea Loewen, Sleep Medicine Program Director
1403 29th St NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 2T9

Preparation for Rotation

Email Dr. Loewen at least 1 week prior to the beginning of the rotation to arrange the clinic and education schedule. There are no on-call requirements during the rotation although residents should plan to attend one full overnight polysomnography session (available Sunday-Thursday nights).

Recommended Reading

  • Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (copy available at library or in PSG lab or web access from Dr. Fraser)
  • International Classification of Sleep Disorders (available in PSG lab)
  • CTS guidelines for Sleep Apnea available at Canadian Respiratory Guidelines and Home Mechanical Ventilation available at Canadian Respiratory Guidelines

Some selected articles that might be of interest:

Kapur, Vishesh K., et al. “Clinical Practice Guideline for Diagnostic testing for Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea: and American Academy of Sleep Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline”.  J Clin Sleep Med 13.3 (2017): 479-504

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Aurora, R. Nisha, et al. "The treatment of restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder in adults—an update for 2012: practice parameters with an evidence-based systematic review and meta-analyses: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine clinical practice guideline." Sleep 35.8 (2012): 1039.

Aurora, R. Nisha, et al. "The treatment of central sleep apnea syndromes in adults: practice parameters with an evidence-based literature review and meta-analyses." Sleep 35.1 (2012): 17-40.