Clinical Information Systems

The Calgary Zone Department of Critical Care Medicine (DCCM) has been committed to the use of Clinical Information Systems (CIS) as a key tool in best practice.

The CIS is used throughout all three adult multidisciplinary ICUs and the Cardiovascular ICU in the Zone.

The CIS consists of several key elements:

  • The bedside Critical Care Clinical Information System, eCritical MetaVision, is a key component of the eCritical Alberta system providing for electronic multidisciplinary documentation. eCritical MetaVision interfaces with the hospital registration system and regional lab system.
  • eCritical TRACER, an additional equally important component of eCritical Alberta, is a data warehouse and clinical analytics system which supports our quality improvement, education, research and organizational activities.
  • The Department’s internal website, which hosts clinical protocols and information regarding our educational events and research activities.
  • The Intranet also links to the regional digital diagnostic imaging systems.
  • A link to the Zonal Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager Patient Care Information System (SCM).
  • The Department’s external website.

Strategic direction for CIS has been determined by a Departmental CIS Steering Committee. It is anticipated all Critical Care beds in the province will be served by eCritical MetaVision and its associated Critical Care data warehouse by 2015.