Nutrition & Food Services

Nutritious food keeps our bodies healthy and brings enjoyment and comfort.

Every day, we provide over 30,000 meals to patients and residents at 106 sites. Patient meals include foods that are both appealing and good for them, to help them heal.

Patients and residents give feedback on the food, both at the bedside and through “resident councils”. We also hear from families and staff.

Did you know that the menus are different lengths, depending on the type of hospital? For example, if you’re in acute care, the usual stay is shorter, and uses a 14 day menu.

But long-term care means just what it says—people are here for months or more. When the hospital becomes a home, food has a different meaning. For this type of site, we have a more variation with a 21 day menu.

Our littlest patients have a Pediatric menu. Both they and our smallest sites have an à la carte menu.

We work with both local and national vendors to provide healthy and appealing food.