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Nutritious & closer to home: Menu items at a glance

Our philosophy is to first and foremost listen to what our patients and residents have to say about the food we serve, and then create nutritious and appealing meal alternatives that remind them of home.

Menus are different for patients who are acutely ill in hospital from those offered to our residents who live in long-term care. In each setting, across Alberta, we look for variety and nutrition, healthy options mixed with comforting familiar foods, and consider the dietary, religious or cultural needs of patients and residents as we plan our menus.

Here are a few menu favourites for our patients and residents (with photos of actual meals that we serve):

 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Golden Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Made with real cheddar cheese thinly sliced and served with baked potato wedges and tomato soup.
Fish & Chips. Fish & Chips: Crunchy perch baked to perfection and served with baked potato wedges. Tartar sauce for dipping and carrot coins complete this meal.
 White cake. Caramel Swirl Cake: White cake with a special hint of caramel goodness swirled throughout. Rich and delightful.
 Fresh strawberries. Strawberries: A bowl of the freshest strawberries, bursting with flavour.
 Rice pudding Rice Pudding: A traditional favourite dusted lightly with cinnamon.
 Slow roasted pork Slow-roasted Pork: Tender porkloin, slow-roasted and served with gravy, mashed potato and brussel sprouts.
 Chocolate cake. Decadent Chocolate Cake: is a pure delight for all chocolate lovers.
 Chicken thighs. Baked Chicken: Lightly basted, baked chicken thighs served with a sweet mashed potato and stir fry vegetable mix.
 Pasta. Spaghetti Bolognese: Tender pasta topped with a rich tomato-meat sauce. Served with a side of Caesar salad.
 Salad. Garden Greens: Fresh garden greens topped with cucumber slices and tomato wedge. Served with your favourite dressing.
 Turkey dinner. Oven Roasted Turkey: Served with bread dressing, mashed potatoes and poultry style gravy. Served with diced turnips and cranberry sauce.
 Fruit. Fresh Fruit Bowl: A mixed bowl of fresh in season fruits.
 Cheesecake. Cheesecake: Rich and creamy cheesecake served with fruit.
 Shepherd's Pie. Shepherd's Pie: Ground beef beneath a pillow of mashed potatoes, served with rich beef gravy and dilled carrot coins.