Alberta Health Services Framework for the Comprehensive School Health Approach

The Alberta Health Services Healthy Children and Youth team released the Alberta Health Services Framework for the Comprehensive School Health Approach in October 2012. This framework focuses on four main components that support the creation of healthy school communities: foundational principles, the pillars of comprehensive school health, the community development process, and shared responsibility between health and education sectors.

The purpose of the framework is to:

  • Establish a consistent provincial direction for comprehensive school health within Alberta Health Services. 
  • Promote consistency in the use of language and terminology related to comprehensive school health within Alberta Health Services and between Alberta Health Services staff members and external stakeholders. 
  • Provide an evidence-based approach for building healthy school communities that Alberta Health Services staff can adapt based on local needs, capacity, and levels of readiness. 
  • Increase the use of evidence-based strategies for creating healthy school communities by Alberta Health Services staff, thereby improving the health of Albertan children and youth.

It is anticipated that Alberta Health Services staff will use this framework to build new and foster existing partnerships that contribute to healthy school communities. This framework provides high-level guidance on the comprehensive school health approach for Alberta Health Services staff. Although this document has been developed for Alberta Health Services staff, it is recognized that many partners and stakeholders across Alberta play critical roles in creating healthy school communities and therefore this document is provided here for access by all stakeholders.

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This list includes both resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom and resources for teachers about specific health topics.

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