Patient and Family Centred Care Week

From Nov. 6-10, 2017, in support of the Patient First Strategy, Alberta Health Services celebrates Patient and Family Centred Care Week. This year’s theme is “Navigating Healthcare with Compassion”.

As one of our core values at AHS, compassion is essential in our relationships with patients and families, with each other and with ourselves. But what is the nature of compassion and how do we ensure that it remains at the heart of our practice? What does compassion look like through the eyes of patients and families?

Join us for a week of events and activities designed to answer these questions and more!

Patient and Family Centred Care Week events

2017 PFCC Week Presentations:

You are invited to attend the various webinars and digital story events planned throughout the week. Please see the PFCC Week 2017 Program Guide for information on topics, presenters, event times and registration info.

PFCC Week in Action:

Some AHS healthcare providers are spending a day experiencing life the way their patients do in hopes of providing better Patient and Family Centred Care. Learn more.

Thanks for Caring:

Did someone go above and beyond to partner with you in your care? Leave a note on our Thanks for Caring page.

Change Day Challenge:

Change Day is coming on Nov. 17, 2017. Is there a small thing that you do that could make a big difference in demonstrating compassion toward others or yourself? Take your inspiration from PFCC Week 2017 and make a commitment to compassion and improving the delivery of patient and family centred care.

Patient and Family Centred Care Week

What is patient and family centred care?

Patient and family centred care sees patients and families as integral members of the health-care team, and encourages their active participation in all aspects of care, including as partners in planning, implementation and evaluation of existing and future care and services.