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Fertility Services

Information for transition patients of AHS Fertility Clinic

We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding or confusion that this transition has caused for patients at the Regional Fertility and Women’s Endocrine Clinic. We know this is difficult for individuals, couples and families, and we are committed to hearing your concerns and providing you with clear answers specific to your individual care needs.

Please note the additional resources we’ve added to address some concerns brought forward. We have increased the number of care providers able to discuss your transition. We are expanding the mental health supports available through this transition. In addition, all calls coming in to the Fertility Clinic transition line (780-735-6654) go directly to a dedicated team of intake clerks through Health Link. Patient calls are answered immediately between 8 :00 am and 10:00 pm 7 days per week. After hours, patients are instructed to leave messages which are returned the following day. The transition line is providing basic service transition information and, if necessary, connecting patients to the transition nurses or the lab specialists for discussions about individual care plans, transition or specimen transfers.

Will I receive help with different costs at other clinics?

AHS will assist individuals with transition costs as they choose new clinics.

Fees for non-insured fertility procedures at the Clinic are currently lower than the privately-operated Fertility Clinic fees. However, AHS regularly reviews fee structures, and the clinic had a fee adjustment scheduled for Spring 2018, at which time the costs would be more in line with those at the privately-funded Fertility Clinics. Fees are reviewed every 2-3 years; the last fee increase at the clinic was January 2015.

AHS has reviewed compensation for patients requiring transition to a privately-funded Fertility Clinic, and will cover patient costs as outlined below:

  1. Frozen Egg, Embryo and Sperm (Gametes)
    • Transfer of gametes
      • Patients are being reassured that they have until the end of February to make decisions about their specimens and beyond February, efforts will continue to be made to connect with patients regarding options for their specimens including transfer or disposal.
      • AHS will cover costs to transfer gametes (sperm, embryos, eggs) to the patient’s choice of privately-funded fertility clinic within Canada.
    • Storage of gametes
      • Patients who have paid the annual storage fee of $200 for the next year will be reimbursed as per a pro-rated schedule.
      • Once patients make arrangements and pay for their storage at the privately-operated Fertility Clinics, their gametes will be transferred by AHS.
  2. Uninsured services at privately-funded fertility clinics
    • Most uninsured services cost more at a privately-operated clinic, but AHS will cover the price difference for eligible patients until September 30, 2018.
    • If active & current patients require transfer to a private-funded Fertility Clinic to complete their uninsured services, AHS will cover the cost differences for one cycle of their uninsured treatments until September 30, 2018.
    • Eligible patients include those who have been seen for an initial consultation before February 28, 2018 but after Nov 1, 2016 by an AHS fertility clinic physician and who have been provided a fee schedule.
  3. AHS Fertility Clinic Initial Administrative Fee
    • Upon referral to the Clinic, clients pay an initial $200 administrative fee
    • AHS will reimburse the Clinic’s administrative fee (to a max of $200) to patients who had paid the fee after Nov 1, 2016 and have not completed treatment prior to February 28, 2018.

Non-eligible patients include those who had been referred to the AHS clinic but were not yet seen, and past patients of the Clinic who were seen before Nov 2016. The AHS transition team will work directly with patients to assist with compensation plans as required. If you feel you are eligible for compensation and have not been contacted, please contact our transition team at 780-735-6654 or to discuss.

AHS will not reimburse travel costs to those individuals seeking services outside of the Edmonton area as those services are available locally.

Reproductive Mental Health Supports

AHS provides mental health support to high-risk fertility patients requiring immediate support. Patients are also presented with the option to access specialized fertility mental health support in the community. We have support available and can provide linkages to connect patients to support provided by appropriate agencies in the community.

In light of the additional stress related to the transition, we have identified options to provide additional supports for patients.

Every patient who identifies a need for emotional / mental health supports will have access to a mental health counselor, and will be connected with an AHS mental health staff member to set an appointment within one week, if required. These costs will be covered by AHS to a maximum of two hours per patient.

If you are a patient who would benefit from mental health supports during this time, please contact our AHS Fertility Transition Team at 780-735-6654 or to access resources.

If you require immediate support, please contact AHS’ 24/7 Mental Health line at 1-877-303-2642.