Intellectual / Developmental Disability (IDD) & Mental Health Supports - Complex Needs Initiative

Alberta Health Services, in partnership with the Government of Alberta, Disability Services – Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), are working together to help adults with an intellectual/developmental disability and mental health concern/illness plus complex service needs receive the care they need through a coordinated and integrated support system.

It is both Alberta Health Service’s and the Alberta Government’s goal to make sure adults with dual diagnoses and complex service needs are supported.

Complex Service Needs

For the purpose of this Initiative, Adults with Complex Service Needs are defined as, individuals who are 18 or older and have a developmental/intellectual disability. They are eligible for services from the PDD program, as well as those services from other ministries which are available to all Albertans. These adults pose a significant risk, and/or are destructive, to themselves, others or property. They require intensive services and have, or have had a history of one or more of the following diagnoses or life experiences:

  • Mental health disorder
  • Terminations from other social support services
  • Specialized treatment for psychiatric and/or behavioural issues
  • Multi-system involvement (example Corrections, Health, Human Services etc.)
  • Incarceration(s) or criminal justice involvement
  • Chronic substance abuse/dependency problems

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Community Support Teams

Community Support Teams (CST) combine Alberta Health Services and PDD staff who specialize in helping individuals with a dual diagnosis (intellectual/developmental disability and mental health concern/illness) and complex service needs. Each team is uniquely constructed according to each regional need and may include clinicians such as mental health therapist, psychologist, nurse, occupational therapist, behaviour therapist, social worker, therapy assistant or others as determined by regional requirements. All referrals are received and forwarded to the correct team through the local/regional PDD office or contact the team in your area.

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