Alberta Wildfires Emergency Alert

Areas of Northern Alberta remain under mandatory evacuation orders or alerts. For details on affected communities visit Alberta Emergency Alert.

Updates from Alberta Health Services will be posted on our Wildfire Resources page. Updates from the Alberta government will be posted on their emergency page.

Referral Form Access - Alberta Referral Directory

Service Referral Forms

Referral forms are now available through their Alberta Referral Directory listing.

How to Access the Alberta Referral Directory

Healthcare professionals can access the ARD three different ways:

  • Alberta Netcare
    Log in – access through resources tab on left.
  • Alberta Referral Directory
    ARD editor login – special login required.
  • Insite - AHS Staff Intranet
    AHS staff login – enter "ARD" into search on Insite homepage.

Generic Referral Form

Used to make a referral to ANY scheduled AHS service.

Specialty specific investigations or requirements may be necessary for the referral to be triaged, and should be attached and sent with the generic referral form to the receiving service.

Generic Referral Form