Transfusion Sample Labeling

Transfusion Medicine, Laboratory Services

Correct way to label.Acceptance criteria for both requisition and sample labeling can be found in the Laboratory Quality Manual — Acceptance of Laboratory Samples and Test Requests Policy - Appendix A 

The following graphics display correct and incorrect techniques for applying labels to samples intended for transfusion testing. The following aid is generic in nature and may not be required in all facilities (i.e. not all facilities require the use of a blood bank identification number). For specific requirements in your facility, please refer to site specific policy and procedures.

Correct Labeling

  • Label applied lengthwise (vertically)  Wrong way to label.
  • Patient’s full first and last name present
  • ULI/Hospital number present
  • Blood bank identification number (BBIN) lengthwise on tube

Incorrect Labeling

  • “Flag” label on tube (1st tube)
  • BBIN applied to lid (2nd tube)