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Alberta has one of the largest and best integrated telehealth networks in North America. Telehealth in Alberta primarily uses videoconference technology to connect Albertans with the best possible health care, no matter where they live.

Telehealth connects healthcare professionals, patients, and families securely and confidentially by carrying pictures, voices and information so that effective decisions about health care can be made. It enables clinicians to deliver health services, expertise and information to patients and families in real time over distance, improving access and eliminating barriers to patient care. Clinical Telehealth sessions are private and secure – anything discussed, written or viewed during a Telehealth session is kept confidential.

There is no cost to patients and families to access Telehealth as this service is provided by Alberta Health Services. Patients throughout Alberta access Telehealth in their own community every day, which reduces travel times and the costs associated with commuting to urban centers.

Telehealth helps ensure all Albertans have equitable access to effective, efficient and timely health services and provides support for healthcare professionals in rural areas or isolated environment. There are currently over 1600 telehealth sites across Alberta with the ability to reach out to sites across Canada and internationally.

Possible Uses of Clinical Telehealth:

  • New Consults/ Assessment
  • Discharge/Transition Planning
  • Follow-up Appointments
  • Family Visits
  • Case Reviews
  • Group Patient Education
  • Peer Monitoring


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