AHS Provincial Diet Terminology & Guidelines

Medical Staff

A Provincial Diet Terminology and Guidelines Clinical Working Group has developed an AHS master list of evidence-based diets to be used across AHS and the continuum of care. These Provincial Diet Guidelines will support high quality and safe care, provide a foundation for menu development and ensure consistency with patient/client education. Diets and their defined guidelines include modifications for lifecycle stage (e.g. infant, toddler, pregnancy), allergies and intolerances, cultural considerations(e.g. vegetarian), therapeutic and texture modifications.

The Summary of Provincial Diet Terminology and Guidelines provides a list of AHS diets and a brief description. This document is intended to assist health professionals with ordering diets.

If there is a need for further modifications that are not included in the set of diets, members of medical staff should contact a local dietitian to ensure patient/resident needs can be met through individualized attention. Diets and Guidelines will be continuously reviewed and modified to keep pace with best practice as supported in evidence.