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There are two types of Medical Leadership within Alberta Health Services (AHS): Provincial and Zone.

Provincial Medical Leaders

  • Vice President of Quality and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - Dr. Francois Belanger
  • Associate CMO, Physician Workforce Compensation & Workspace – Dr. Rollie Nichol
  • Associate CMO, Strategic Clinical Networks – Dr. Blair O'Neill
  • Vice President & Medical Director Northern Alberta – Dr. Mark Joffe
  • Vice President & Medical Director Central & Southern Alberta - Dr. Ted Braun
  • Senior Medical Officer of Health and Senior Medical Director, Population & Public Health – Dr. Gerry Predy
  • Senior Medical Director, Cancer Control Alberta  – Dr. Matt Parliament

Zone Medical Leaders

To view the AHS Zone boundaries, see our Zone map

North Zone

  • Interim Zone Medical Director – Dr. Sandra Corbett
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mr. Robert Kielly

Edmonton Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. David Zygun
  • Medical Affairs Director – Ms.  Josephine Amelio

Central Zone

  • Interim Zone Medical Director – Dr. Dan Edgcumbe
  • Medical Affairs Director – Ms. Marlene Young

Calgary Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Sid Viner
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mrs. Catherine Keenan

South Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Jack Regehr
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mrs. Chelsey Hurt

If you are interested in a Medical Leadership position in AHS, view our current opportunities, or contact your Zone Medical Director.

Medical Affairs Leadership

  • Mr. William Hondas, Senior Program Officer, Office of the CMO & Medical Affairs
  • Mr. Jamie Rice, Executive Director, Provincial Medical Affairs Integration
  • Mrs. Thea Leskewich, Executive Director North Sector and Provincial Clinical Physician Compensation
  • Mrs. Catherine Keenan, Executive Director Central and South Sectors

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Dr. Francois Belanger
Meet our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Francois Belanger