Grande Cache is currently without network, landline or cellphone services

911 calls can still be made from cellphones but 911 calls cannot be made from landlines. The Grande Cache Community Health Complex remains open and continues to provide care to all patients. EMS continues to be available for area residents. The cause of the issue is being investigated by Telus.

Contact Medical Leaders

There are two types of Medical Leadership within Alberta Health Services (AHS): Provincial and Zone.

Provincial Medical Leaders

  • Vice President of Quality and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - Dr. Francois Belanger
  • Associate CMO, Physician Workforce Compensation & Workspace – Dr. Rollie Nichol
  • Associate CMO, Strategic Clinical Networks – Dr. Blair O'Neill
  • Vice President & Medical Director Northern Alberta – Dr. Mark Joffe
  • Vice President & Medical Director Central & Southern Alberta - Dr. Ted Braun
  • Senior Medical Officer of Health and Senior Medical Director, Population & Public Health – Dr. Gerry Predy
  • Senior Medical Director, Cancer Control Alberta  – Dr. Matt Parliament

Zone Medical Leaders

To view the AHS Zone boundaries, please see our Zone map

North Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Kevin Worry
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mr. Grant Frame

Edmonton Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. David Zygun
  • Medical Affairs Director – Ms.  Josephine Amelio

Central Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Evan Lundall
  • Medical Affairs Director – Ms. Marlene Young

Calgary Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Sid Viner
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mrs. Catherine Keenan

South Zone

  • Zone Medical Director – Dr. Jack Regehr
  • Medical Affairs Director – Mrs. Chelsey Hurt

If you are interested in a Medical Leadership position in AHS, view our current opportunities, or contact your Zone Medical Director.

Medical Affairs Leadership

  • Mr. William Hondas, Senior Program Officer, Office of the CMO & Medical Affairs
  • Mr. Jamie Rice, Executive Director, Provincial Medical Affairs Integration
  • Mrs. Thea Leskewich, Executive Director North Sector and Provincial Clinical Physician Compensation
  • Mrs. Catherine Keenan, Executive Director Central and South Sectors

For comments, feedback or general inquiries, contact

Dr. Francois Belanger
Meet our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Francois Belanger