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Apple is Alberta Health Services’ health and wellness magazine. It’s filled with information you and your family can use to become healthier.

Fall 2018

Apple Magazine

Featured stories

  • A good death
    Many of us, when we plan for it, can meet death on our own terms in Alberta

  • Helping you get home
    Your home is at the heart of your health. That’s why, if you end up in the hospital, your healthcare team works to get you home as soon as possible

  • Thirsty? You likely are
    It’s time to turn on the tap and fill up that water bottle

  • Minding the generation gap
    Innovative Albertans are taking steps to bring people of all ages together

About Apple

Apple is Alberta Health Services' free health and wellness magazine. This quality consumer magazine is published in partnership with:

Blue Cross

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

We talk about health in a straightforward way. We strive to be friendly, understandable and trustworthy.

And we work to change how readers think and act about their health, their family's health, and their community's health.

Apple can be found at more than 2,000 locations across the province.