Boil Water Advisory lifted for Lower Townsite Area of Fort McMurray

June 4, 2016

Advisory remains in effect for all other areas

FORT MCMURRAY - Alberta Health Services (AHS) has confirmed that water quality has been restored to a safe level to water system users in the Lower Townsite area of Fort McMurray.

As such, the boil water advisory has been lifted, effective immediately, for the Lower Townsite Area only, at this time.

The Lower Townsite area is described as the area north of the Hangingstone River, west of the Clearwater River, east of Memorial Drive up to Confederation Bridge, and includes MacDonald Island.

All water system users in the Lower Townsite area are advised to follow the proper flushing procedures outlined in the Boil Water Advisory Information for Fort McMurray Residents document (dated June 3, 2016) available online at

The boil water advisory remains in effect for all areas west of the Athabasca River, all areas west and southwest of Memorial Drive, and all areas south of the Hangingstone River.

All precautions outlined in the Boil Water Advisory issued May 18, 2016, must still be followed in these areas, until further notice. Additionally, users in areas still under the boil water advisory are required to flush their water systems, before drawing water to boil.

Please note: the boil water advisory will continue to be lifted in phases. AHS will issue updates to this advisory as water quality is confirmed as safe in additional areas. All individuals in or returning to the Fort McMurray area are encouraged to find the most current boil water advisory information online at Guidance documents are also available at

Individuals uncertain whether the boil water advisory remains in effect in their area can view the boil water advisory map(s) available at

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