Operational Considerations

Who to Talk to for Access to AHS Operational Areas

AHS is focused on patient care but is keen to facilitate and participate in clinical research that may enhance the quality of the service and health outcomes for our patients.

Creating this early engagement and documenting it in your proposal/ REB application ensures that:

  • Your plan for executing the study is solid.
  • The operational approval will proceed quickly after ethics approval.
  • The approvers are already aware and supportive of your study. 

Researchers are welcomed by the clinical areas but are expected to request and organize the support and/or activities required from clinical areas as early as possible. Clinical operational areas may have suggestions to make the research activities integrate with day-to-day operations and/or may be interested in collaborating with the researcher to ask additional questions or a variant of the research question that is of particular interest to their work.

In developing your research proposal, please contact to inquire about contacting the appropriate operational leads for the clinical areas you hope to access for research. For tips and pointers on expediting the research administration processes and soliciting operational support, please download a copy of the AHS presentation delivered at the 2015 Alberta Clinical Research Consortium Clinical Health Research Conference.

Budgeting for Purchased Services

If your research study involves any of the AHS services listed below, please visit AHS Insite’s Research page for access instructions, templates and the most current list of cost-recovered medical procedures or services delivered as a part of your research project.

  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Health Information Management
  • Other Research Services

For more information regarding accessing AHS services for research purposes, please contact