HIA s. 54 Research Agreements

The use and disclosure of health information for research purposes in Alberta is governed by rules set out in Alberta’s Health Information Act (HIA).

“Health information” is defined as individually identifying diagnostic, treatment and care and/or registration information but does not include health service provider information.

"Research" is defined as academic, applied or scientific health-related research that necessitates the use of individually identifying diagnostic, treatment and care information or individually identifying registration information, or both.

The research must be approved by a Research Ethics Board (REB) designated under the HIA. The act requires the Principal Investigator to enter into a research agreement (HIA s.51 Research Agreement) with the custodian of the health information for each research proposal approved by the REB.

At AHS, for all clinical studies without a Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) that contain an HIA clause, a Research Agreement (signed by the Principal Investigator and the Repository Owner within AHS) is required before any information can be disclosed.

Upon receiving REB approval for your clinical study, please contact for assistance in completing the HIA s.54 Research Agreement requirement.