Standing Committees

Maternal Newborn Child & Youth SCNTM

The Maternal Newborn Child & Youth (MNCY) Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) Core Committee has four standing committees that support its work. These include:

  • Maternal Fetal Newborn Standing Committee
  • NICU Standing Committee
  • Child & Youth Standing Committee
  • Indigenous Maternal Newborn Child & Youth (I-MNCY) Standing Committee

Each standing committee is accountable to provide a forum to respond to emerging issues, identify priority initiatives, develop strategies to address those priorities, and coordinate knowledge translation activities. To accomplish this level of work and the varied priorities identified, each standing committee has established additional working groups. As a result, MNCY’s network stretches far and wide and significant communication strategies have been put into place to keep all stakeholders informed and involved in the work.

View the following overview of the  MNCY SCN governance structure:

Maternal Fetal Newborn

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Colin Birch
  • Dr. Hajira Danial
  • Tracee Pratt
  • Lana Hataley


Committee Co-Chairs

  • Bryan Peffers
  • Dr. Po-Yin Cheung
  • Dr. Thierry Lacaze
  • Kristy Cunningham

Child & Youth

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Alf Conradi
  • Jill Woodward
  • Dr. Jennifer Macpherson
  • Marcia Kashani

Indigenous Maternal Newborn Child & Youth

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Ester Tailfeathers
  • Shelley Valarie
  • Val Austen-Wiebe